Ensemble Sirius on Tour

In August-September 2017, Ensemble Sirius was on tour in six Nordic countries.

If you are wondering “How did it look when Ensemble Sirius toured?”, “How was it the Icelandic piece sounded?”, or maybe “What was the project and the Nordic Tour all about?” then this video might be something for you! We hope you’ll enjoy it! 🎥 Watch with sound!

Videoproduction: Magnus Brunebjerg (www.mavnus.dk)
Concert location: KoncertKirken, Copenhagen.



A journey through Nordic nature

Ensemble Sirius

– about the trendsetters in Nordic contemporary music

The wild nature of the northern hemisphere has always had a decisive influence on Nordic cultures. Inspired by this heritage, Ensemble Sirius, a young all-female quintet, has chosen the Nordic nature as a theme for their musical project.

The quintet asked six composers to create new works about Nordic nature, each piece lasting 10 minutes. Their goal is to see if the composers, all of Scandinavian origin, find a common Nordic tone. The concert will give the answer.

Ensemble instrumentation is a unique constellation. The composers were given the freedom to play with and test a myriad of possibilities. The composers will also be present on video during the concerts to make the music even more accessible to the public.

The quintet’s vision is to focus on, develop and disseminate Nordic contemporary music now and in the years to come. Their great wish is that the locals enjoy their music.

The ensemble aims to recreate a common Nordic culture, an inclusive place to develop and celebrate community spirit – and also build up the network between the audience, composers and themselves, the performing musicians.