A Journey Through Nordic Nature – CD 2020

Spring 2020 a CD containing the music from the project A Journey Through Nordic Nature will be released.

Sponsored by Wilhelm Hansen Fonden & Augustinus Fonden.

Augustinus Fonden


A Journey Through Nordic Nature – Tour 2017

Summer 2017 Ensemble Sirius played 13 concerts and held to workshops around 7 Nordic countries with the project A journey through nordic natur.

The quintet asked six composers from Faroe Islands, Iceland, Greenland, Åland, Denmark and Sweden to create one new work each with the Nordic nature as inspiration. The aim was to see if the composers, each of Scandinavian origin, would find a common Nordic tone.

During the concerts the composers were presented on video to talk about their piece and thus making the music more accessible to the public. This, together with the ensemble’s focus on creating a rich and interesting experience for both experienced as well as unexperienced audience makes these concerts unique as a concept.

A Journey Through Nordic Nature received generous support from these Nordic grants and funds: